Is Crevalor Scam or Fake?

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Is Crevalor Scam or Fake?
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The fitness bodybuilding is a lifestyle and not just about lifting weights and drinking things from powder. Success is determined by the overall architecture of lifestyle. The first key is to understand the relationship of health, strength and beauty. These values can not be separated, but numerous trainees doing it. The motivation to exercise is physical appearance (to be sexier, attractive, remove excess fat) or force (to be more powerful, more efficient). Rarely is the motivation of health (to be more flexible, to get rid of unnecessary tension, strengthen the heart, bones, joints, immune system), and almost all are motivating all three objectives at the same time, these values are interrelated or even mean the same thing.


Crevalor is the most advanced all-in-one lean gainer with scientifically supported forces concentrated on what the most effective support to the muscle, and thanks to zinc testosterone levels and protein synthesis. Unique is that it achieves no carbohydrates with a high glycemic index and extra calories, which leads to an increased level of excess body fat. It also contains important sources of essential fatty acids, triglycerides, which are necessary for muscle cars. It helps maintain normal blood glucose level in the blood.

According to many of the recommendations of the best appear to be consuming this supplement in the period after your workout, as it is a quick source of high quality protein. Many then recommend his combination with casein. The same combination then you can enjoy during the day as a quick snack, for a fixed fare. In this case, with regard to the time of day and your goals it is recommended to add also slow to moderately fast carbohydrates. It belongs to the basic pillars of sports nutrition. Crevalor is among those supplements that help in building new muscle mass and keep its existing quantity during dietary and drawing processes. However, it is also a very good source of energy during sports performance, and last but not least prevents catabolism.


Crevalor and quality diet

They are usually two views on dietary supplements: the view that this is something that might help, but it is a chemical, and something unhealthy, next to the idea – the more supplements, the better. The supplements are used around the world as a legitimate way to help replenish the nutrients in the diet, mainly in the sports area. It’s as if someone bought the best flooring in the family house, but the House does not yet have. Just like, it is with nutritional supplements. Make the basis of diet and supplements to help you according to your needs. You can then add some nutrients that regular diet you’re not able to deliver the required quantity in the body, or use it if you need to add some substance to the body in a short time.


  • l-Arginine HCL
  • Maca Root
  • Siberian Genseng
  • Tribulus Terristris
  • Yohimbe

The price and package

One pack of Crevalor has 60 pills and its 14 day trial is offered for $4.95.

Crevalor – A supplement for bodybuilding beginners

Beginnings are usually the most difficult period of each beginner. The initial enthusiasm for training unfortunately is accompanied by a corresponding interest in sports nutrition and supplementation. This underestimation is also one of the most common causes of very rapid disenchantment, since the expected results, or fails to appear does not come quickly enough. A person can make mistake, whether because of a lack of information or due to bad, well meaning advice of friends, or starts to follow a guaranteed diet, to the opposite extreme, when such a practitioner it every two hours and trying to snap up Internet shop selling supplements for bodybuilders. It is surprising that the school teaches fractions, sentence structure, and the history of the early middle ages, but on the foundations of a healthy and sports nutrition to know almost nothing.

Therefore, it is necessary to right at the beginning of each beginner to draw attention to the need for continuing self-education in this vast area of healthy nutrition in General. The only long-term study of and interest in sports nutrition as an integral part of the sport and especially bodybuilding, is essential to the achievement of planned results and avoid unnecessary errors, which ultimately could have a negative impact on health, sports results and the overall well-being of the gymnasts. It is also good to take into account that research in this area, it is constantly moving forward, and it is therefore necessary to take some information always with a “scientific reserve”. Although I mentioned Crevalor, it is nutrition and supplement for bodybuilding beginners. For athletes and bodybuilders, who are, in principle, the hub of the “diet”, it is necessary to start from the fact that the supplement intake of high glycemic index is necessary to reduce, or in some cases even completely excluded. Therefore Crevalor is a miraculous supplement and universally valid.

It is always necessary to take into account the individual needs of athletes, training plan, or factor activity and total intake Crevalor. These alternative forms of food are anabolic substances, minerals and vitamins, we call in the field of bodybuilding and sports nutrition the supplements.

Each person is different, and this review only serves to understand the basic functions of Crevalor, and to transfer certain personal experiences. It is for each individual to discover the method itself, an attempt to mislead, what works, works and suits. The only way you will be able to achieve the goals and experience the quality of life with the Crevalor that you have for your health and the realization of its objectives.


Planning nutritious diet with Crevalor

For athletes, the most important thing is planning, so you certainly should get not only an exercise journal, but also eating diary where you write the menu, the count received nutrients and supplement dose. It is the practical of the many considerations. You can by this diary for example plan purchases, which can save a lot of money, or in case of any problems or confusion with this diary for a while, you can turn to the trainer, or the nutritional adviser for advice and you don’t have to invent, or match type: “I have a healthy diet,” and this is really seldom. Any exercise and fitness, especially leads to significant increase of energy expenditure, so you have to forget the time when you missed breakfast and on the way to school, or work stopped at the bakery and eat until evening for TV. Scientists have found that it is the exact one, so in theory it would be possible to eat once a day. Some nutritional programs with this variant of operating resolves this issue by recommending eating 4 x each of the following hour and concentrate at least Crevalor intake within a certain time window. It is a very nice idea, but the biggest problem of this nutritional plan is its considerable complexity and psychological intensity. Body in sleep had started the katabolic muscle proteins degrade on the energy-use carbohydrates via gluconeogenesis for a really long time, and in any case not during exercise hours. The most important time for supplement in the day is a classic breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At this time, your digestive system is able to accept and absorb most of the nutrients (especially it concerns protein) from throughout the day. These peaks must be use the digestive and adopt appropriate quantities of nutrients intake, in this case in early day. In training day, as well, except that around the time of the training unit you will receive compensation of liquid diet.

Crevalor – A pre-workout supplement

It has been designed as a pre-workout supplement to optimize athletic performance (Crevalor is also known as “boosters”). Its charm lies in a very simple composition and truly effective dosages of functional ingredients in a unique combination. Crevalor, as its name suggests, supports high muscle “pump up”, which leads to increased effectiveness of training and muscle growth. Due to its composition, this exceptionally efficient booster is not accompanied by significant targeted neurostimulation so it can be taken daily without side effects. Among others thus excels in performance and safety.

How it works, you can test yourself by using trial. But let’s take a closer look at how it helps muscles to pump up and what is unmatched. It includes a nonessential amino acid naturally found in the spectrum of the beta amino acid. (Not to be confused with the amino acid alanine, this is another substance).

During intense exercise, it cleaves ATP, the body builds up hydrogen ions, the muscles get into a more acidic state, comes to muscle pain, loss of strength and subsequent termination of power. It is a normal process, with whom almost everyone meets in life. To understand its role we need to look briefly at the substance l-Arginine HCL, to which the synthesis of beta alanine was doing. It has an effect on our muscles and the ability to make a performance. Helps stabilize the pH in muscles and washes away rapidly hydrogen ions, which, as we said, are formed during physical performance. The body naturally balances pH, but if you fall less than a level, the body is no longer able to resist and deteriorates the ability to make a performance. Now this state helps avoid supplementation with beta alanine. Upon delivery of l-Arginine HCL, the concentration in the body grows rapidly. Researches have shown that following 4 weeks of supplement with Crevalor increased concentration of l-Arginine HCL in the body for 42 to 65%, even after 12 weeks at 85%. This state greatly affects physical performance; activate the systems responsible for muscle development, strength and endurance.


Composition of Crevalor

The combination of l-Arginine HCL and Siberian Genseng, significantly increases secretion of endothelial nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels. This ensures a more pronounced blood circulation and muscle strengthening transport of nutrients directly into the muscle.

A Crevalor dose in the amount of 2 pills a day is set to carry out its function, but not the maximum. It is therefore possible to use Crevalor in combination with BCAA product, which is also a supplement, thus maximizing anabolic potential. The aforementioned citrulline malate is in the product at a dose of 1 pill a day. It is a nonessential amino acid citrulline bound to malic acid (malate therefore citrulline) like beta alanine. It is characterized by its function as a precursor (predecessor) arginine, which acts as an important synergist for the supplement. Furthermore, it helps the production of energy from ATP and makes stronger the immune system. Tribulus Terristris is a key compound gluconeogenesis, because it can pass freely across the mitochondrial membrane into the mitochondrion. Supplementation containing Tribulus Terristris starts aerobic metabolism in the Krebs cycle and accelerates the recycling of lactate. Administration malate helps to reduce the underlying causes of fatigue.

You say why only this supplement is monohydrate? No other supplement was so detailed and long tested. It is to assist in achieving the best results in a short time. In this regard has not yet been overcome. A dose of 2 pill a day fully ensure effective maintain ideal levels of amino acids for optimal synthesis of ATP. Crevalor is an essential and proven supplement for athletes building up strength and speed.


It does not target the maximum neurostimulation, but is enriched with essential natural stimulants such as caffeine and taurine. However, there were added ingredients only at doses that do not cause undesirable effects. These stimulants offer a high-quality significant antioxidant effects.

The product is designed as a first-class pre-workout supplement with extra effective amount of ergogenic substances to encourage performance. A unique combination of functional ingredients will be felt everyone and in conjunction with the delicate taste. It also contains only small amounts of carbohydrates can thus maximize performance in each training period – in muscle mass, increase strength, increase explosiveness, diet and weight loss, racing and wrestling training, and in all sports. If Crevalor is accompanied by an optimum amount of amino acids, for example, it offers maximize performance and improves results.


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