Coffee Makers

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Coffee Makers
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Coffee Makers Buy or Rent? What is Best Option?

Market for renting Coffee Makers began in mid-1997s when equipment began to be supplied to hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Since then, they have been etched in people’s memories as equipment that was usually very expensive, large in size, and often doing more than was necessary.

Coffee machine has been object of greed in past. Appliance entered wedding lists and having it at home was a sign of some status.

However, with arrival of capsules and various methods of coarse coffee on market, coffee machine lost its exclusivity and pomp. But there are those who do not part with it.

It was unusual to find Coffee Makers in companies, available to employees and customers, let alone in homes, so that if you wanted to have a coffee or a latte, you had to go to a coffee shop.

First think about buying own machines

Over time, some Italian brands began to develop smaller equipment and there saw a great opportunity. In this way, they started to make available in our market, equipment for different niches (residential, business and professional).

From this moment, many managers began to do math and see that having a coffee machine in their office would help reduce costs, as well as increase employee satisfaction, which could enjoy quality coffee without having to leave there.

As these equipments were imported, they ended up having a very high cost, fact that ended up making everyone see in habit of renting Coffee Makers as only way to have an equipment of this level.

In addition, there was a guarantee of outsourced service and delivery of products in this modality, making it seems cheaper to rent than to buy, making it difficult to buy and perceive it as a long-term investment.

However, these thoughts can no longer be seen today.

Rent Coffee Makers as your only option

There are many brands and ways to rent Coffee Makers today, and they are all available for purchase both in physical stores and online stores. It is interesting to consider purchase, as it can be very easy to acquire a model of machine parceled in several times, arriving very close to value of a lease.

Today, for example, it is possible to purchase equipment in installments in 10x without interest, while value to rent Coffee Makers is reasonable.

In addition, lease creates a product supply link between you and company; while purchasing machine makes it possible to change supplier and products as many times as you wish.

Assuming maintenance of a coffee machine for at least two years, it is estimated:


24 x $100.00

TOTAL: $2,200.00

At end: You return machine


10 x $120.00

TOTAL: $1,200.00

Guarantee of technical-logistical services

In end: machine is yoursUnlike in past, Coffee Makers are becoming more automatic and technological, which naturally reduces occurrence of technical problems. Add to that fact that companies have invested that can give all support for solving problems via telephone, resolving quickly.

In addition, in past, companies used to link provision of technical visits and assistance, as well as replacement of products, to contract to rent Coffee Makers. Already today, these services can be guaranteed through simple purchase of inputs.

Coffee Makers as an investment

By having considerable value, it is often difficult to realize purchase of coffee machine as a profitable investment to be made. Thinking of short term rent Coffee Makers becomes advantageous.

However, long-term gains are significantly greater because customer ends up acquiring machine, and – along with it – freedom to choose which company wants to buy inputs. Decide what price of drink profit margin and more.

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