Is Alpha RecoverX Scam?

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Is Alpha RecoverX Scam?
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In order to improve performance in physical activities as well as improving practices such as weight training, people are seeking more and more to know about dietary supplements, which when properly used in accordance with the person’s biotype ensure effective results. It is important to know that only supplements do not guarantee complete success with a physical activity, after feeding should follow a proper diet for these supplements have their place during this spare energy and strength. Consult a doctor for more details.


For each body there is a specific type of supplement, and all are available in the market, just to know what the right for your body is. You can follow indications guidance of friends and gym teachers to ask for suggestions, but be sure to seek help with health professionals specializing in the field, such as nutritionists and doctors linked to sport.


Alpha RecoverX – A food additive

It provides from 29% to 89% protein to our body, depending on which product is. The lower the level of concentration means the higher the levels of fat and lactose. Alpha RecoverX is suitable for use as food additives. Who are lactose intolerants can not consume such kind of supplement. Among the products with Alpha RecoverX, it is the cheapest, but it is effective because it allows release of bioactive that help in accelerating the anabolism and muscle hangover.

Most is fat-free and has less than 1% of lactose, this being the most suitable form of supplement to intolerant. It contains all of the vitamins and minerals of milk, amino acids and all their digestion is easy. It’s easier and faster type to be digested due to breaks into smaller pieces all the protein chains. It has very little chance of causing allergic reactions in people. In some products may contain fat, carbohydrates and minerals. Always pay attention to the composition of any supplement to buy, as there may be some substance which you have allergies or a nutritionist told not to consume.

Some brands mix different types of amino acids forming real pumps! One of the most popular on the market is Alpha RecoverX, optimum nutrition, consisting of a mix of essensial ingredients. And the formula of Alpha RecoverX offers a lot of essensial ingredients per serving and can be found at lower prices than just supplements with isolated whey.

Benefits of Alpha RecoverX

Learn why this mix is one of the bestselling and beloved among athletes and bodybuilders:

  • Because it has a more pure protein that most brands
  • Provides varying concentrations of amino acids
  • It contains more than 5.5 g per dose of BCAA
  • It contains over 4 g of glutamine per serving
  • It contains 25mg of enzyme per dose
  • Easy to use only take it with water
  • Suitable for those who want to gain mass rapidly, improve body definition, but also only lose weight healthily.

The Alpha RecoverX contains Creatine, an amino acid produced by the body through the kidneys and liver, which can also consume through the consumption of meat and other animal products. It is a substance that is well absorbed by muscle tissue helping in the formation of ATP, which is nothing more than sources of energy for the body. These sources of energy can be converted to athletes and bodybuilders as a way to increase the exercise intensity, longer, with gain greater and faster muscle mass. It is the most common form of creatine and it’s like the supplement is found. Practically mandatory for those seeking increased muscle mass. It is the cheapest way, even in its best brands. Brands from Germany are a bit more expensive, but guarantee quality and efficacy of the product.


It consists of the monohydrate form which underwent a process of greater refinement, and then more easy and quick to dilute and digest. It is recommended for those who do not “accustomed” to the density of monohydrate. It’s a little more expensive than the other. It is the most convenient way of consuming Alpha RecoverX without dissolving or diluting in capsule form. It is the most expensive mode, therefore. Give preference to the micronized, has faster effect, only buy in capsules if the previous bother you during consumption.

Other reasons why Alpha RecoverX is good:

High quality protein

It consists of many pure amino acids and quality, containing very little fat and carbohydrates. The company produces its own elements in modern factories, and they do not like using other raw materials from third parties, mostly poor quality.

Reduced additives

It is essential for your health and effectiveness of the supplement that he did not come up with any kind of artificial sweetener in its composition. The Alpha RecoverX contains the minimum amount of these additives. This can be noticed by consumers for the issue of product taste, saying it is nothing sweet or bad taste. That’s why!


The price and package

It is available at 14 day trial for $2.94 and $119.97 per bottle. It’s pretty expensive compared to the price that is sold outside Brazil, but it is worth paying for the many benefits it brings and leaves even cheaper than other smaller brands that do not contain all the nutrients promised. You can choose to import, buying over the Internet, achieving a considerable discount.


  • Amino acids
  • BCAA
  • Glutamine
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Multivitamins
  • Glutamine-Micronized
  • Leucine
  • ZMA

It’s another form of rapid absorption in the body, disintegrated more easily. It contains less stability, less shelf life and is as efficient as the monohydrate. Several supplements combining creatine with another supplement may be malto, glutamine, among others. It costs far more expensive and contains less of it in your composition. Alpha RecoverX is supplement with creatine pure, choose it and get better value for money. Whether you take before or after training, but apparently it is more effective post-workout, after your muscles are warm and absorb the power of ingredients easier.

Side effects of Alpha RecoverX

It is rumored that Alpha RecoverX overload the liver and kidneys, but studies have found no evidence. Long-term supplementation is also considered safe. There are some problems for those who are at the beginning of product consumption, after the body is adapting to that element in larger quantities. After used, there are no proven side-effects. If there is something strange about you, consult a doctor.

Recommendations while taking Alpha RecoverX

  • Drink plenty of water all the time, helps muscles absorb the creatine.
  • Avoid caffeine, as many believe it is a diuretic and promotes dehydration.
  • Write cycles with and without the supplement. Example: Take for 4 weeks and get one without taking. Consult your doctor for guidance on this break.
  • Every body reacts differently, so you may feel cramping.

A high biological value supplement

The Alpha RecoverX is a high biological value supplement that is part of our blood and plasma is produced by the liver by hepatocytes, and is found in foods such as milk, potatoes, meat and particularly in egg white. It is used as a food supplement because their properties and functions induce the production of more muscle when properly used and under the guidance of a health professional such as a dietitian.

Among the main functions of Alpha RecoverX in our body are the maintenance of osmotic pressure, transport hormones and free fatty acids, control the pH, among others, and avoids problems such as malnutrition, nephrotic problems, intestinal disorders, liver failure, among others. When used as a supplement, helps in muscle mass gain, leaving the person looking really strong. It is the practice of taking and prevent health problems in athletes and fitness practitioners who previously had to consume high amounts of egg whites to consume in large scale protein, but was not healthy as it drank the same time too much fat and cholesterol. Therefore, supplements are a healthier alternative and economical to obtain only the essencial elemets with the best quality.

Who should take Alpha RecoverX?

It is ideal for bodybuilders and other sports seeking higher performance and strength at the time of exercise, and has a stronger appearance due to high and wide chain of amino acids that compose it. Who has diets carrying large amounts of protein in the diet can replace this supplement for the convenience and ease.

In addition to athletes and those mesh, there are people in need of the protein or by some disease, or to genetic problems, it is therefore indicated to its use in some cases. See a nutritionist or a doctor if this is the case for more information. When used properly, Alpha RecoverX is not fattening, but when consumed in excess can lead to fluid retention “swelling” the individual. It has side effects such as increased gas production and, if taken incorrectly, can affect the liver altering their functions.

Alpha RecoverX builds high energy reserves

It is for athletes aimed at increasing the weight, building high energy reserves in the body. Are compounds of multinutrient contains fibers, vitamins, minerals, very little amount of fat and high calorie. Alpha RecoverX increases the body temperature by generating higher fat burning, as well as decreased appetite. Basically convert fats into energy available for you to burn all during training. It is suitable for those who want to accelerate the burning of fat during physical activities. Note: It does not help those who take and do not practice any physical activity because it does not lose weight alone.

It is indicated for those who want to achieve greater muscle definition, since they reduce body fat levels and assist in lean mass gains, which are the muscles. They are healthy, no stimulants and no harmful effect. They are formed by the major amino acids that our body needs during physical exercise. Alpha RecoverX is suitable for consumption after heavy workouts, assisting in gaining increased lean body mass. Benefits: build cells, repair tissues, they form antibodies, are part of the hormonal and enzymatic systems and assist in the transport of oxygen throughout the body.

The power of this supplement has been studied, since some studies already show that high doses can affect the performance, reducing water absorption and causing gastrointestinal disorders and even increasing production of ammonia. This supplement is the natural sources of creatine whose components are extracted meat proteins and bovine liver. It serves to gain strength and greater control and transmission of energy to the muscles, ensuring a good workout. Helps to lower recovery time and helps in increasing loads in musculações with greater consequent muscle extension.

Alpha RecoverX – A great stimulant

It accelerates the metabolism and stimulates the central nervous system. It provides a larger chop for the day-to-day, but also in physical activities, whether in aerobic as anaerobic exercise. Studies have shown that this supplement with NO2 is safe and provides resistance and strength to the muscles, significantly reducing muscle fatigue. Also help in energy expended during races. It serves to provide energy and vitamins before any training, functioning as fuel to the body and stimulating to the brain.

It helps help to increase anabolic hormone GH (growth hormone) naturally. This dietary supplement promotes increased muscle growth and better performance. Determine greater anabolism and hypertrophy of muscle fibers and oxidize body fat effectively. It is recommended for those who want lean muscle hypertrophy and maintenance. Alpha RecoverX Helps for those who practice culturismos and require proteins in high quantity and quality, assisting in the formation of enzymes, antibodies, hormones and organic maintenance.

Take this supplement after a workout increases protein synthesis in muscle, recovering broken fibers and aiding in stress and muscle fatigue. It is suitable for those who want high volume in muscles because it produces growth hormone in the body. They are great sources of protein, added of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, low in calories and fat. They are able to replace meals, but can not be used like any other in excess.


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