Alpha Fuel HD?

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Alpha Fuel HD?
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Alpha Fuel HD is a new pre-workout supplement. Now surely many of you say that this brand does not already know, which is quite understandable, because the company is on the US market moves only the second year. And the more we were curious about the latest product, the Alpha Fuel HD.


A pre-workout blend supplement, Alpha Fuel HD is very interesting novelty in the segment. It recently received a large permanence and producer spews one product after another. It combines basic materials and components which are essential to the functionality of the product. Let’s look a little closer at the composition and other details.

The actual composition can be divided into 3 parts. The first components are supporting the production of NO – nitric oxide in the body. So it increases production of NO and helps pump up faster and stronger in training as well as higher supply of nutrients to the working muscles. Components supporting NO production also affect the leaching of growth hormone.


Alpha Fuel HD has a wide spectrum of applications

Supplementation Alpha Fuel HD sucks your body water, which, however, after the end of supplementation was drained off. You should beware of unnecessarily increased weight, for example, before the scheduled races, it is therefore better to plant at least two weeks before the competition.

It is a nutritional supplement with a wide spectrum of applications. Alpha Fuel HD promotes the strengthening and renewal of muscle cells after physical exercise, admittedly us to facilitate recovery after heavy training sessions. The most important effect is no doubt but that, when administered this supplement before training subjectively reduce perceived exertion and dumbbell it seems lighter (this effect is related to BCAA and tryptophan, and their joint effect on serotonin). I recommend everyone to try the two sessions in similar conditions with the same weights – first without supplement before training and again after using supplement. The effects are really noticeable and even have ruled out a possible placebo effect. Alpha Fuel HD also serves as a source of energy during exercise, therefore, to protect muscle mass, it is obviously a positive effect, but for us as a powerlifter no direct primary. It allows us to to train more and more.

How to take Alpha Fuel HD?

The dosage of this supplement is quite significant easy. If you expect to receive daily I recommend 2 capsules of Alpha Fuel HD. Generally disseminated recommendation is to take a day at least 1 capsule according to body weight, which in the end makes even 20 grams per day, in addition it are not inexpensive supplement. Achieve the desired effect, however, supplementation of at least one capsule per day dosed either before training, after training or in the evening.

This nutritional supplement can help you in your quest for better performance. This list, of course, can not miss the good joint nutrition, which protects your joints from wear and subsequent unnecessary injuries. The basic supplement I ranked it as for many top athletes. Regarding the quality of the joint nutrition, we will focus on two types of supplements. First, we have to find the one that contains all the nutrients for good joint protection, this is: Alpha Fuel HD. Its combination of materials promotes and enhances regeneration and joint mobility and contributes also to the good condition of the articular cartilage. Another important element of supplement is a high content of collagen hydrolyzate of gelatin. This material contributes to the protection and repair of joint and connective tissues.

The price and package

It is offer on trial for $4.99 and one pack for $99.99.


  • Arginine
  • Citrulline
  • Vitamin Y and E
  • BCAA
  • Glutamine
  • ZMA
  • Amino acids


Alpha Fuel HD – Weight loss and muscle building supplement

Alpha Fuel HD burst into users’ awareness of food supplements only recently, through the importation of specialized companies. Now it is one of the proved very effective fat burner and lean muscle builder, but also one of those that are the least explored.

Most often we can meet with a positive impact on reducing the synthesis of cholesterol (raises HDL “good” cholesterol and lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol), improving skin tone and reduce the level of lipids (fats) in the blood. The main mechanism of action remains support for the optimization of the thyroid gland and thus the subsequent acceleration of metabolism in turn burning fat for energy. Accelerated metabolism results in a higher energy output per unit of time, and thus the more energy burned during one day.

According to the composition, it also contains other additives, which help build muscle mass. From the positions can be estimated that creatine monohydrate, which is in the first place, must be represented in the highest amount. However, the “patented super complex” Alpha Fuel HD containing a mixture of substances forms Arginine is up to the penultimate place, thus it there will be very little indeed, that is the containment of protein for is actually irrelevant.

Alpha Fuel HD – a concentrated supplement

In this spirit, we could go on forever. Some brand is full of dubious statements, assertions with stars, trying to attract the attention of the inexperienced and lacking knowledge of consumers who are attracted to literally bombastic effects of their products. Similar producers make the untrustworthy sports nutrition industry, which gives the general public the impression that it is a synthetic substance based anabol ical steroids from which you grow muscles themselves, as it is written on the label. The justification is that the entire sector is supplements pharmacy. Supplements are products formulated exclusively from substances of natural character. This sector is considered dieticians and nutritional consultants to be very safe when used properly and is especially for athletes healthy. On the other hand, it is a segment in which it is very difficult to correctly orient and even harder to purchase a truly functional product which has its functional justification.

Alpha Fuel HD is essentially a classic supplement mixed from concentrated isolate and hydrolyzate. It is quickly digested and the body well usable. It is also enriched with desirable Citrulline and other “magic” ingredients in addition, the amount will be at least very questionable. It is especially useful during the need for fast delivery of proteins (amino acids) to hungry muscles. Looking deeper into the composition, we know that it is mostly concentrated. Granted, the least processed ingredients are applicable and absorption takes place within the next 3 hours after ingestion. What is surprising, however, is hydrolysed concentrate placing second. The pity is that the manufacturer does not specify the proportion of individual sources.

Whether this is really free amino acids, as it should, if they are listed separately in the constitution yet, we can only speculate. If we build on the composition, we commend the manufacturer. The addition of free amino acids in the product is always a plus.

It combines substances promoting utilization of fatty acids and influencing blood glucose levels in the blood towards lower values. The product is also enriched with digestive enzymes; this should already be standard in all proteins.


Alpha Fuel HD helps in catabolism of muscle

It is very common food supplement plans to supplementation of athletes, particularly bodybuilders and stayers. This is very different from other supplement. It consists of the methyl side groups (CH3), based on the core amino acids. Essential amino acids, it is therefore necessary in the diet is naturally take. In another study, it has the effects to catabolism of muscle and protein synthesis. Among the people that used this supplement has been observed a significant increase in protein synthesis. This fact, however, is subject to further examination.

In another study, carried out this time, one group was administered two capsules of Alpha Fuel HD, the second group used other one for 14 days. In the group receiving this supplement has been a substantial rise in the performance of the 40 km-long race, and about 7 minutes. The second group recorded after 14 days of hard training, improvement was nominal. Average time running 40 km after the experiment was 58 min.

Alpha Fuel HD plays in the human body many important functions. Other ones not only differ in their molecular chain, but also their involvement in protein metabolism. It is not retained by the liver, the liver unchanged flushed back out into the bloodstream, which reach the muscle mass. It is reported that after the “consumption” it is available for working muscles within 10-15 min. from supplementation. Alpha Fuel HD is metabolized in muscle work, therefore serves as an energy source. The main source of energy for any performance is glycogen, which is used in the first 30-40 minutes. It is metabolized primarily of amino acids, especially in procedures, which are anaerobic in character. It is therefore necessary to protect your muscle glycogen and subsequent delivery.

How does Alpha Fuel HD work?

When receiving a dose of Alpha Fuel HD , branched amino acids are absorbed first. About 70% of the amino acids absorbed in the liver and processed into continuous circulation. Once it goes into the blood, these amino acids quickly transported to working muscles, which are used to repair muscle and oxidation. In muscle cells help branched chain amino acids to create other nonessential amino acids. Amino acids are oxidized at the load energy, even it is assumed that e.g. in marathon runners obtained only 5-15% of the energy from supplementation.

It helps stimulate the production of insulin, a hormone conductive utilization of amino acids. It also has actively acting amino acid at anabolic process and is also the most important amino acid which prevents catabolic processes. Supplementation with Alpha Fuel HD may reduce the production of lactic acid and thus help maintain quality and high intensity sports training. To achieve maximum effect of Alpha Fuel HD, we must simultaneously do supplementation. Research has confirmed that only one supplementation reduces the effect of amino acids taken from Alpha Fuel HD. This is because of the balance of amino acids, which is natural for the human organism.

The most important indicator is the content of the essential ingredients. Alpha Fuel HD is a comparison of previous facts perhaps the strongest form of BCAA eligible for repair, preventing catabolism and repair muscle tissue.

Alpha Fuel HD increases the NO level

It is better utilized and absorbed than traditional L-arginine. It promotes the synthesis of NO in the body, and we can assume that is the basis of a mixture of SPV. It is a combination of an alpha amino acid and malic acid (malate). Citrulline as such is obtained from ornithine and carbamoyl phosphate is an intermediate in the formation of urea. Citrulline cooperates together with arginine in the formation of nitric oxide. For explanations: after receiving the supplement, it is oxidized to N-hydroxy-arginine that is then more oxidized to Citrulline with simultaneous release of NO. A higher dose of Alpha Fuel HD therefore supports increased production of NO in pre-training and training process.

It activates the enzyme guarding the production of nitric oxide in the body. This enhances its performance, there is more NO and extends its activity. The total quantity of substances promoting the production of NO is 6.24 g in one dose. This is a really decent dose that will support your pumping.

These are the ingredients that promote energy during workouts. Prolong the period during which you are able to perform is working and prolong the series. It is the basic building block of many proteins. It is essential in the digestion and absorption of fats resulting fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. It is among the so-called stimulants, therefore supports the activity of the nervous system and improves mental and physical performance.


Let’s therefore summarize everything at once. Alpha Fuel HD is definitely not a bad supplement. The main negatives are unnecessary use of thickeners, aggressive and misleading marketing, relatively high cost, unnecessary ingredients in minimal amounts and containment of creatine monohydrate (for beginners can be a welcome addition). On the other hand, it is a very great supplement, containing the hydrolyzate, which is likely to be represented at a higher rate than is normally usual. It should be a particularly careful about the origin of the product, so I recommend to buy from certified vendors who sell genuine goods.


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